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Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline


Join hundreds of thousands in discovering the secrets to a complete emotional intelligence and classroom management system for early childhood and elementary programs. Transform conflict into cooperation using the seven proven powers and skills of Conscious Discipline to help children perceive, use, understand and manage their emotions. Stop struggling and start finding joy in the classroom again. Perfect for Pre-K – 5th grade.

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This book is the foundational literature for implementing Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is a life-changing, research-based classroom management system and social-emotional learning program for early childhood and elementary schools. It revolutionizes the classroom approach to social-emotional learning by addressing the adult's skill set and internal states first, and then empowering the adult to teach and model these skills with children. Conscious Discipline is structured around the seven powers for self-control and the seven skills of basic discipline. Paperback, 256 pages.

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