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Conscious Discipline LIVE! DVD Set

Conscious Discipline LIVE! DVD Set


Imagine transforming everyday discipline conflicts with children, adults and within yourself into peace and cooperation. The nine life-changing workshops in Dr. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline LIVE! DVD set will transform your understanding of the brain as you discover insider secrets to positive discipline, developing character, cooperation, respect and responsibility.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, trainer, counselor, working parent, or stay-at-home mom or dad, now you can use the principles of Dr. Bailey’s award-winning and life-changing Conscious Discipline program to create more cooperation in your life.

$ 295.00

Each DVD set includes:


  • Handouts
  • Promotional materials
  • Research results
  • and more!

DVD Discs 1 - 4:

  • Workshop 1: Becoming Brain Smart (55 min.)
  • Workshop 2: Composure (40 min.)
  • Workshop 3: Encouragement (35 min.)
  • Workshop 4: Assertiveness (40 min.)
  • Workshop 5: Choices (35 min.)
  • Workshop 6: Positive Intent (35 min.)
  • Workshop 7: Empathy (22 min.)
  • Workshop 8: Consequences (35 min.)
  • Workshop 9: The School Family (40 min.)


  • Dr. Bailey teaching proven Conscious Discipline skills and strategies
  • Live studio audience
  • Footage of actual adult-child interactions
  • Energetic songs
  • Meaningful activities
  • Quality self-study handouts

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