Wish Well Board

Wish Well Board


The Wish Well Ritual provides a way for children to offer caring and empathy to each other. The Wish Well Board is a customizable tool that assists you in conducting this daily ritual in your classroom. 

$ 22.00

The Wish Well Board provides a visual way to aid children in wishing each other well. Prepare the circle by attaching a photo of each student to a magnet and placing the magnets on the edge of the wish well circle. When a child is absent, moving to another school, has arrived late or is in need of support for other reasons, place the child's picture in the heart inside your Wish Well Circle. Invite the class to wish the child well and/or sing "We Wish You Well" on I Love You Rituals Volume 2 or "I Wish You Well" on It Starts in the Heart (in English and Spanish).

The magnetic circle is printed with a heart and the phrase "We Wish You Well" and features a large back magnet for hanging convenience.


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