Calming Pillow Set

Calming Pillow Set


Enjoy a decorative touch that’s as beautiful as it is useful with this set of four pillows featuring Conscious Discipline’s own active calming icons. These plush appliquéd pillows not only look fabulous, they help you teach children helpful breathing strategies, colors and shapes!

$ 40.00

Nothing calms and heals as effectively a taking three deep belly breaths. Those who are familiar with Conscious Discipline’s active calming strategies will delight in this set of four pillows, each depicting a different breathing icon: The round purple and red pillow features "ballooning,” the green and pink heart-shaped pillow features the pretzel, the orange and blue square features "draining,” and the blue and yellow star-shaped pillow features our most famous strategy of all… S.T.A.R.!

Smile, Take a deep breath, And Relax!

In your Safe Place, on the sofa, atop your bed or on the go, the Calming Pillow Set makes a beautiful and helpful addition to your home, office or classroom! Each 9-inch pillow is a high-quality, high-density plush with bright colors, lovely embroidery and a wipe-clean surface. Sold exclusively as a set of four.

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