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Building Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms and Schools: 7 Strategies for Teachers and Administrators

Date: October 19-20, 2018
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Instructor: Dr. Becky Bailey, Founder of Conscious Discipline, Author and Educator with Jill Molli, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor

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In the U.S., an estimated 70% of all people have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. That translates into 224 million hurting children and adults – just in the U.S. A week doesn’t go by without another news story about a tragic cry for help and the loss of innocent lives.

By participating in this 2-Day Workshop you will create a classroom offering a safe environment and…

  • Understand the impact of trauma on the brain and behavior
  • Learn how to reach relationship resistant children to increase cooperation
  • Creating a culture of compassion, embracing marginalized children
  • Implement 7 interventions that help traumatized children learn in school
  • Help lay the groundwork for a lifetime of resilience

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