I Choose Self-Control Board

I Choose Self-Control Board


Teach children strategies for self-control and you’ll be amazed with how quickly they learn to manage intense emotions. 

$ 34.00

The I Choose Board helps children to identify what they are feeling with eight feeling face images. Then it prompts them to consciously reflect on their intention by setting goals with one of four goal statements. Finally, it provides 12 individualized calming and regulatory strategies for them to choose from in order to help change their inner states from upset to optimal. These three components work together to increase children’s ability to self-regulate, and empower them to return to home or classroom activities ready to learn. Part of the five-step self-regulation process described in Managing Emotional Mayhem.

    • Sturdy, portable felt board
    • 12 velcro-backed images of proven self-control activities
    • 4 velcro-backed goal statements to help older children set their intention
    • 8 velcro-backed face images expressing key emotions
    • 18-page detailed instructional booklet
    • Ages 4-12


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