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Shubert Value Pack

Shubert Value Pack


The Shubert series is a unique set of books designed to build character through conflict for both children and adults. 

Shubert demonstrates helpful ways for children to solve problems, while Mrs. Bookbinder models Conscious Discipline strategies for adults. The Shubert books combine quality children's literature with parent education and educational staff development.

    $ 49.00

    This value pack includes all seven Shubert books, which correspond to the seven skills and powers of Conscious Discipline:

    • Composure: Shubert is a S.T.A.R.
    • Encouragement: Shubert's Helpful Day
    • Assertiveness: Shubert's Big Voice
    • Choices: Shubert's Choice
    • Empathy: Shubert's New Friend
    • Positive Intent: Shubert Sees the Best
    • Consequences: Shubert Rants and Raves

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