Sophie Deluxe Value Pack

Sophie Deluxe Value Pack


Delight children age 0-5 with a beloved Sophie doll and the Sophie’s Super Splendid Box of Books! This enchanting set is designed to build character through the use of common, relatable stories for children that model the use of Conscious Discipline for adults.

$ 57.00

From managing big emotions upon the arrival of a new sibling to handling daily rough patches like cleaning up her room, Sophie navigates the trials and tribulations of toddlerhood with the help of Mom, Dad and big brother Shubert. The sturdy Sophie board books are perfect for encouraging an early love of reading, whether enjoyed at home in a family member’s lap or at Preschool. Each book combines quality children's literature with adult education.

This value pack includes the lovable Sophie doll and all seven Sophie books. Each book corresponds to one of the seven skills and powers of Conscious Discipline.

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